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Problems in Communication Between Popular IT Frameworks?

I been lately working in IT Service Management (ITSM) and Enterprise Service Management (ESM) field. I also been working with change and learning. I decided to write this post as an opener to series of posts about ESM. I been … Continue reading

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Just in Time

I wrote about resilience some weeks back. This time I’m going to tell about philosophy and how you can manage resilience on change trips like projects. This technique requires good skill on estimating work amounts and understanding dependencies to pull … Continue reading

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Estimating Work Amounts (Beginners)

We managers usually want to know as soon as possible how long something takes. At the same time complexity is increasing when we are implementing changes. This leads to a weird contradiction: You want to know as early as possible … Continue reading

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The D and A in ADKAR

This week I decided to write about ADKAR change management model and letters D and A (second A) to be precise. A stands for Ability and D stands for desire. These things are the places where we usually fail, so … Continue reading

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Looking at problems through nine windows – how to become creative

Everyone has to be creative. That’s the mantra these days. But it’s not so easy being creative all the time especially considering the time and resource pressure we  are all under. I think there is also this common fallacy that … Continue reading

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What I have learned about learning

When I graduated almost ten years ago I had this funny idea that now all this “painful and hard” studying is over at it is time to start applying all this useful knowledge at work. As anyone who works in … Continue reading

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Knowledge Management lähtee liikkeelle arvoista

Tietämyksen hallinta eli Knowledge Management on ollut paljon pinnalla  asiantuntijaorganisaatioiden toiminnan ja kilpailukyvyn kehittämisessä. Itse olen työskennellyt viime vuosina enemmän tai vähemmän tietämyksen hallinnan kehittämisen parissa sekä pyrkinyt seuraamaan tähän aiheeseen liittyviä hyviä toimintatapoja ja tietämyksen hallintaa tukevia teknologioita mahdollisimman … Continue reading

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