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What is wrong with Finland and how to fix it – a case example

We are living interesting times here in Finland. On one hand Finland is one of the best places in the world. We have high living standards, good public services, low income differences between social groups and a peaceful society in … Continue reading

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Toyota Kata – Workshop at Top 10 Conference

Last friday I held a Toyota Kata – workshop at the Top 10 conference with the help of my colleague and friend Tomi Lamminsalo. The conference was a great experience with good presentations and a very active and knowledgeable … Continue reading

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What is a learning organization?

Most of us understand that being really good at something is not static in its nature. In all walks of life (sports, governments, companies, etc.) the best always seem to be able to adapt faster to changing circumstances than the rest. … Continue reading

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What is Resilience in Projects?

What is Resilience? Resilience is ability to withstand change without completely altering your plan or ability to recover fast from things you didn’t expect. Lately there’s been a lot of discussion about resilience, resilience and IT but not so much … Continue reading

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A3 projekti

Mikä A3? A3 viittaa A3 ajatteluun, joka on alunperin Toyota:n keksimä tapa käsitellä tiiviissä formaatissa jonkin monimutkaisen asian implementointia yhdistettynä PDCA-mallin (Plan-Do-Check-Act) käyttöön. Mihin A3 ajattelua voidaan käyttää? A3 ajattelu sopii hyvin monimutkaisten asioiden, ongelmien tai tehtävien ratkomiseen. Tarkoituksena on … Continue reading

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