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What is wrong with Finland and how to fix it – a case example

We are living interesting times here in Finland. On one hand Finland is one of the best places in the world. We have high living standards, good public services, low income differences between social groups and a peaceful society in … Continue reading

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Toyota Kata – Workshop at Top 10 Conference

Last friday I held a Toyota Kata – workshop at the Top 10 conference with the help of my colleague and friend Tomi Lamminsalo. The conference was a great experience with good presentations and a very active and knowledgeable … Continue reading

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A Concept Design Idea for a University Student Dashboard

Recently I have taken a small detour at work back into service design from my current work. You can read more about the circumstances in this blog post. I have been working with Juha Martikainen and together we have designed … Continue reading

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It’s not just about talent and effort – how you work matters a lot

In this day and age there is so much knowledge about how to work effectively in different circumstances that surely there isn’t anything left to talk about. There is Scrum for projects, Lean for just about everything and pommodoro to … Continue reading

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What is a learning organization?

Most of us understand that being really good at something is not static in its nature. In all walks of life (sports, governments, companies, etc.) the best always seem to be able to adapt faster to changing circumstances than the rest. … Continue reading

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Budget deficits and innovation part II – using TRIZ (theory of inventive problem solving) to generate ideas

In my last blog post I wrote about the contradiction between cost savings due to recession and the need to be progressively more innovative due to market pressure. I offered one possible solution and discussed briefly the other prerequisites for … Continue reading

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Budget deficits and innovation – why you should cut more than you need to!

The economy is in a recession at least here in Europe, which is forcing a lot of organizations to make cuts in their budget to adjust to the new financial realities.  There also doesn’t seem to be a upswing around … Continue reading

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