The Troikka – blog is share by Teemu, Miikka, and Tomi. The content will vary but improving work through various methods like Agile and Lean will be a common theme.

Our goals for this blog are:

  1. Learning through writing
  2. Sharing our ideas and learning
  3. Getting feedback and having interesting discussions

In addition to these noble goals we will hopefully have a good time writing together over a beer or two on occasion;)

With three writer you hope to provide frequent updates and more content. We started writing this blog in Finnish, but  have switched the language to English for two reasons:

  1. We want to practice in writing in English
  2. We will hopefully reach a wider audience

We are not aiming for polished professional level articles. Instead we are hoping to share our ideas even before they have completely hatched… so you can help us think them through:)


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