Toyota Kata – Workshop at Top 10 Conference

Last friday I held a Toyota Kata – workshop at the Top 10 conference with the help of my colleague and friend Tomi Lamminsalo. The conference was a great experience with good presentations and a very active and knowledgeable audience. I really enjoyed myself and learned some new interesting things in the process. My one take a way was the ISM – method.

I was a bit worried about how active people would be in the morning workshop because of the previous nights party. Luckily my worries proved to be unfounded and the workshop participants were very active and we had a very interactive session. It was very nice to observe how open to new ideas everyone was even though some of the participants had a lot experience in quite different  ways of working.

The slides can be found at SlideShare:

The agenda for the presentation was:

  • What is a learning organization
  • What is Toyota Kata
  • Theory and examples of Improvement Kata
  • Improvement Kata exercise
  • Theory of Coaching Kata
  • Coaching Kata exercise
  • Introduction to A3-templates
  • A3-templates and organizational learning
  • Summary

This is pretty much my regular agenda with the exception of adding the short “What is a learning organization” – module to the beginning. This was a experiment in which I tried to give the audience a clear context for Toyota Kata and get them curious. I worked much better than I had even hoped and I will definitely include this module in the future as well.

The gist of the module was to introduce the capabilities that set the top organization apart from other according to Steven Spear’s research (I wrote on the topic previously) and reflect how Toyota Kata fits into that picture.

Learning organizationd and Toyota Kata

The feedback we got from the audience was astonishingly positive. I think the only constructive criticism  we got was from that our slides were in English even though the presentation was in Finnish.  Some quotes from the feedback we got (translated from Finnish):

A very interesting presentation with well thought out exercises.

The best take a way in the conference! Thank you!

A very interesting presentation and which gave me good ideas. I will definitely try to implement it at  our organization.

An interesting and down to earth approach. I will try in practice without a doubt.

Thank you for a great presentation. I can’t think of anything to complain about.  PS. Keep up the good work.

If any participants from the workshop are reading this post (or anyone else who wants to learn more about Toyota Kata) I strongly recommend this video by Mike Rother:


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